Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Google search!

Miss T-

Isn't it curious what comes up with a google search? Have you ever googled your own name just to see what comes up? And of course you find running times, letters to the editor, peoplesearch info, and county fair entries from other people in this world who happen to have your exact same name. It's a pretty fun game.

Google search is pretty amazing, and by golly I'm grateful for it because it's helped me find a lot of useful (and useless) information in times of great need.

Randomly today I decided to google the word "sisters" and see if our page came up anywhere, just anywhere in the sites that came up. I have no idea how the sites get marked up for a google search, but out of curiosity I thought I would just try.

That's when I found this gem. Sisters.

Are you in shock?!? You would be if you watched the whole thing!! I know it starts kind of slow and you wonder what the heck is going on, but just keep watching!!

Now are you in shock? My teacher showed us this last semester...representing an intense or extreme form of recreation. My mind was blown away! Hahaaa. I still cannot even really comprehend it.

Well, we didn't show up anywhere on the google search. I'm not mad about it. I'm just kinda glad that our sisters number is about sharing, caring, every little thing that we are wearing, and not about potato salad and bending over backwards in ridiculous ways!! Eeek!

love you.
Love, non-contorting sister Kk

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  1. OMGosh. It is so crazy that it is uncomfortable to watch. I am glad we are not sisters like that! Although, I could see us singing about potato salad!