Monday, November 1, 2010

Special Sister Series: Sister Sleepovers

Guest Blogger: Bert

Award Winning Halloween Costume: The Golden Snitch

KK (my lovely roomie) and Miss T (Get that baby OUT!),

Oh my gash (said like you would hear it in Wisconsin)! Thank you so much for the invitation to do a guest post on your blog. I am 100% honored right now to be allowed to make a guest appearance on my favorite blog on the internet.

So, since your blog is about sisters and their love, I thought I should write about my sisters and the fact that, yes, we love each other too. I have four sisters, three of them older and one younger. Since we are all over the age of 18 now and (supposedly) none of us listen to teen pop or have Lisa Frank puppy/penguin/unicorn/panda folders anymore, we have been able to grow closer. I am glad that I am no longer the little sister with a Star Wars obsession and a ridiculous cowlick (yeah, I just wikipedia-ed that to make sure that was the correct spelling) that made my hair stand up in front.

But, when I was much younger, my oldest sister threw what she called "Sister Sleepovers". C is about 7 years older than I am and K, the next oldest sister, is almost 5 years older. And when I was invited to attend a Sister Sleepover, I was, to say the least, THRILLED. Each Sister Sleepover began with a pow-wow in C's room where we would discuss the events of the evening. Then we would run down to the basement to watch a Disney movie. Actually, because our movie supply was fairly limited, we usually watched one of two Disney movies: Sleeping Beauty or Beauty and the Beast (a movie that K tried to ruin for me because she thinks the Beast is abusive...but I digress). My love for Beauty and the Beast stems from Sister Sleepover. However, watching Sleeping Beauty was always quite the work out for me.

Picture, if you will, a 6 year old girl with a bright orange t-shirt, light-up shoes, and scraped knees snuggled up with her sisters, eating snacks on the basement floor. She is watching Sleeping Beauty and, suddenly, the scene goes dark and the evil sorceress, Maleficent, shows up on the screen. Said 5 year old child leaps from the floor and launches herself behind the couch (yes, over the top of the couch, like a vaulter), cowering in the presence of the scariest bad-guy to ever grace the screen (except maybe Voldemort, who is just straight up scary). And every time Maleficent shows her face, that multicolored kid flings herself behind the couch.

And here's the amazing part. Every time I ended up huddled behind the couch, C came over and sat with me. She was totally laughing at me, but she still sat with me and watched around the corner to see if Maleficent was gone.

Now, we are all growed-up and we live in different places. We can't really have sister sleepover since everybody lives all over the country. But all of my sisters, not just C, still comfort me when I'm scared or frustrated or even mad at the world. Nowadays, they don't comfort me when a Disney movie scares me. I hope that by now, my fears are a bit more legitimate.

So here's to sisters who make you feel better when you are scared or upset. I can only hope that my children like each other enough to be friends. Then they can have Sister Sleepovers and watch movies WITHOUT evil sorceresses that scare my six year old. I'm going to make them stick to Finding Nemo and Beauty and the Beast.

The little-girl-who-STILL-wants-to-hide-behind-a-couch-when-bad-guys-come-out,
a.k.a, Bert