Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Special Sisters Series: Dedicated to Love

Guest Blogger: Kace is a Southern Belle from Texas who also happens to be a fiesty redhead. She has been KK's roommate for 3 years, and is studying Exercise Science at BYU.

Dear Miss T,

I have been pondering what I was going to blog about for some time now and you may be surprised at the contents of this blog. This will be dedicated to love.

As you know I have been dating Pitter for about five months and it has been so wonderful (don’t worry he hasn’t brushed my hair, that is for only you to do). It has been one of those relationships that you don’t have to work at. We just enjoy being together. He is my best friend and he is good at spoiling me J. I never thought that dating someone could be so easy. Not that everything has been perfect. I have gotten mad at him. More like frustrated. But we always resolve things in the end. You know how it goes.

So when things started progressing I was pretty happy about it.

This weekend Pitter had decided that he was going to show me his hometown, so we left on a jet plane and went back east to Boston, MA where he is from (I know a Yankee. Never would have thought that.). KK knew about this little adventure and so lovingly told me that Pitter was going to ask me to be his wife in Boston. So as we were sitting on the plane to leave from SLC I straight up asked Pitter, “Do you have ring?” To my dismay he replied that he did not. I was a little cowed and thought nothing of it.

So on Saturday morning we went on a little walk. In MA there are a bunch of little cemeteries that are everywhere and they are really cool and old. Can I just tell you how much I LOVE cemeteries! I know you may think it is super creepy but I just like to think about the people and how they spent their lives and what they made of themselves. So we walked around in this little cemetery for about 30 minutes just looking at headstones and talking. Then he took me in his arms and we started talking about our lives and what we were going to with them. Then the next thing I know is that he is on one knee and I am crying. He asks me if he can ask me a question and he asks me to marry him.

This is when my life changed. I never knew that I could love someone so much and want to share everything with them. I just thought you should know.



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  1. Kacee!!! I finally can comment on this wonderful post. I am so happy for you. What is even better than a comment is the fact that I got to give you a hug in person last Saturday. So glad I could meet your Man as well. WONDERFUL!!!