Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Now I Can Cause

Hey Miss T,

There are many things in life that I have carefully followed your footsteps in like twirling the baton in magically sequency outfits, taking Senior Foods Class in high school from that teacher who had to have been a chain-smoker, being a brilliant fan of that diva music goddess Celine Dion, and maintaining a healthy relationship with Mom by calling her nearly every day.

Those things have shaped who I am, but actually one of the best things I have ever followed in your footsteps in is becoming involved with Now I Can. This amazing clinic helps children change, and succeed, and find a moment in their life where they can say after years of inability, "Now I can!" Here is a video about who they are, and how we can offer our service through a simple click of the mouse each day.

TLTR/W: Now I Can is a life changing organization that is involved in a facebook contest, and we can help them by voting every day in the Vivint Gives Back contest. It's easy and quick, and you'll feel great about yourself when you participate.

From, Your loving footstep follower
PS: (TLTR/W=too long to read/watch)

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