Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chunky Monkey is Going to Make Me Some Money

KK -

Lately we have been calling Baby Cub "Chunky Monkey."  His rolls of fat on every inch of his body are so adorable and soft.  He grins like he won the lottery because he is the fattest baby ever.  Usually if he is wearing shorts in public, I get comments about how people love his thunder thighs and just want to squeeze them.

When Big D's family was visiting, we took them to Kerry Park.  This is a must-see place in Seattle, because it has one of the best views of downtown with the Space Needle centered in the skyline.  (Did we take you there?)  

While we were there, I sat with Baby Cub on a park bench while everyone else explored.  I saw an Asian family of adults made up of 3 generations.  The oldest grandma kept eying Baby Cub and me as she walked back and forth.  Finally she sat down on the bench next to me and smiled at Baby Cub.  Baby Cub smiled right back so she started making baby noises (in Chinese?).   Baby Cub grinned his big fat smile at her.  Next thing I know the grandma is reaching out to hold Baby Cub.  Knowing she didn't understand English, but wanting to warn her, I said "Be careful, he is very heavy," as I passed over Baby Cub to this sweet Asian grandma.  Her eyes grew big as she felt his weight and she muttered something in her native tongue.  Then she happily bounced Carson on her lap and played with him.  The granddaughter came over and asked me in English if they could take his picture with the grandma.  I agreed.  The family was chattering and laughing as they took the picture. Then they handed Baby Cub back to me and left.  I wondered which they enjoyed more--the view of the Space Needle or the white, fat, American baby.

Then I realized that I could use my white, fat, American baby to make some money.  I think that if I went down to Pike Place Market and set up a booth with Baby Cub naked and then offered to let people touch him or take his picture for $5, I would make some serious money.  Baby Cub is such a happy Chunky Monkey, that I think it would work--until Child Services showed up.  It is a funny thought anyhow.

Have a great day!  Your Chunky Monkey nephew loves you!

-Miss T

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  1. Love this post. You're hilarious, but probably a little bit serious. Love it.