Thursday, September 30, 2010

Surviving the 36th Week


I am in my 36th week of pregnancy. The heartburn is killing me! But what I am most concerned about is surviving this week without ending up in the hospital. I know, that sounds overly dramatic, but I am reminded of my first pregnancy two and half years ago.

I was 36 weeks pregnant with T Bear. After work, I ran over to my favorite people's house, the Christensens. As I was leaving I tripped down their front steps and landed flat on my stomach on the cement sidewalk. Although it hurt, the pain was what terrified me to the core.

Immediately, I called Dave, who was in an interview. He left and took me straight to the hospital. They ended up keeping me in the hospital over night.

Fortunately, the baby was fine and in the end there was only slight damage to the placenta.

This time around I still find myself struggling with being klutzy, and it makes me nervous. On Monday, I was pushing the stroller up a hill, when I slipped and fell back down the hill. My leg has scrapes to prove it.

Then I find myself just tripping and running into walls. So yes, I need to survive this week without ending up in the hospital.

Maybe I should wear T Bear's helmet this week. Do they make helmets for pregnant bellies?

Wish me luck!

-Miss T


  1. Yes please! Survive the 36th week without any hospital trips. I remember when that was scary. But wow, this means you are almost there! Woohoo!

  2. I vote that you veg on the couch for the next few weeks--just to be safe!

  3. If I know my wife, she will definitely not do that!