Sunday, February 13, 2011

A fun Time.

Anybody know the time?

We sure do thanks to Miga! Miss T it's so fun to have you here with us in UT. Today when we didn't even plan to wear the watches Miga made us for Christmas, and then we did--now that was a sisterhood moment.

I love this watch Miga made, because
1. It is fashionable and adorable
2. It tells the time
3. It's quiet
4. The face is clear

Remember how I used to have that talking watch? Vivian? Well, it's nice that this watch is a little quieter. Thanks Miga for giving us all such a good time.


  1. I had such a great TIME with you. Too bad I only was there for a short TIME. Can't wait to spend TIME with you again.

  2. Cute! My Mom helped me and my sisters all make watches like that together for Christmas. We have a sisters picture like that too. What a great TIME! ;)