Friday, February 4, 2011

A Consequence of the Independent 2 year old

Here is how it happened:

I was feeding Baby Cub while T Bear was playing in the same room.  T Bear ran out of the room saying he needed to go potty.  I asked him to wait until I was finished feeding Baby Cub.

I then hear T Bear lifting up the toilet seat and saying "I can do it by myself Mommy."  Oh dear, I thought and remained sitting on the chair in the other room (note - a mistake).  

The bathroom T Bear was in did not have a stool, and so I hear T Bear yell, "Uh-oh my pee is going all over the floor!"  I still staying feeding Baby Cub (note - another mistake) and tell T Bear to come out of the bathroom and we will clean it up later thinking that the damage was already done, why get up now?

Then I hear T Bear say "I will clean it up."  Then I hear nothing (nothing is the sound of trouble, but I still fed Baby Cub).

Finally I hear rushing water and T Bear saying "Uh-oh Mommy!"  Finally I interrupt Baby Cub's bottle and race to the bathroom to find T Bear standing in water and the toiled over flowing.  T Bear had put almost a whole role of toiled paper down the toilet and tried to flush it.  

What do I do first?  I tell T Bear to stay there.  I run and get my camera.  As I am taking a picture, I tell T Bear I am doing this so that we can show Daddy later.  He looked scared.  Really, I thought I would take a picture to laugh at it later.

Then the clean up begins.  I start mopping up the water with towels while T Bear strips off all of his wet clothes.  Then he comes and offers to help again.  I tell him he can use that little towel to help wipe up the floor (note - yet another mistake).  I return from carrying wet towels outside, to find T Bear has put his towel into the overflowing toilet.  That was it!!! He was out of there.  

As I was telling this to Miga, she said, "Well, you talk to him like he is a 10 year old and forget that he is only 2!!!" 

Big D wanted to know what I did to actually punish him. I told him nothing, I just put him down nap.  For the record, T Bear did say he was sorry multiple times.

Luckily the new house was stocked with a plunger.

All this was a result of an independent 2 yr old in a house that is too big, and a mommy who ignored some obvious signs.  Still makes for a pretty good story.

-Miss T


  1. HILARIOUS! I couldn't stop laughing! Oh Tenley, I hope you always remember to take a picture in the middle of disasterous moments so that we can all enjoy. You are the best!

    That picture is a classic FOREVER.
    The look on his face...

    I heart this whole thing.