Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wanting a Furry Friend

Dear Miss T,

Tonight I am wanting a furry friend to cuddle up with. Just a tiny, small, fluffy, little toy poodle would do. I promise I wouldn't let it lick my face...

Do you remember when we first got Hannah? When the eternal family council question "Can we get a dog?" was finally answered? When happiness came into our hum-drum lives?

I exaggerate. We were happy before Hannah, and we have been happy since Hannah, but oh the joy she did bring when she was with us.

The other day on campus my friend brought her toy poodle. Don't ask me why you would ever bring your little toy poodle to a college campus and let it frolic about, but she did. And it was wonderful! That little guy made everybody that passed him smile. He was just so cute, hopping around like a miniature sheep. Everyone wanted to hold, scratch, or at least touch the baby puppy bounding around.

And so tonight, as I work on homework and other such things I think to myself "I would love a furry little friend right about now."

From a dog-lover's heart, Kk

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