Monday, February 13, 2012



We experienced some unusual sunny and warm weather here in Seattle the other day.  T Bear saw the sun and immediately said, "Let's go to the beach!"

And so we did.  We did not wear swimming suits and shorts, but instead light jackets and rain boots. The boys played in the water, dug in the sand and got completely filthy.

Cub walked around looking for food from other people sitting nearby.  Mind you, I had plenty of food packed in our bag, but he is always on the lookout for something tasty.

The word that sums up are whole afternoon at the beach is yum.

Soaking up some much needed Viatmin D - Yum.

Eating good food with sand covered fingers - Yum.

Playing with my boys in the sand and water - Yum.

Hope you have a "yummy" day as well!

-Miss T

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