Sunday, April 10, 2011


Dear KK,

It is important for sisters to tell each other a lot of things.  It is especially important for the oldest sister to tell the younger sister about what happens when you are pregnant and from there on.  Last summer I shared with you a lot of woes about being pregnant while you lived with us.  I am sure you probably would not want to ever be pregnant, except for the fact that my babies are so cute and amazing.  

Well, now I am sharing something weird about after having a baby.  Shedding.  I mean, you start shedding the hair on your head like crazy about 4 or 5 months after you had the baby.  It is somewhat sad, because during the pregnancy hair grows in thicker and shinier, but it does not last.

I am currently in this stage of shedding and it is so gross.  I find hair after hair on my poor boys.  Baby Cub always seems to have a piece of hair entangled in his chubby fingers.  When I blow dry my hair, a significant hair ball forms in my hand as I run my fingers through my hair.  In the shower, I shed enough hair to clog the drain every time.  It is so GROSS!   What I can't remember is how long this phase lasts?  At least I can take confidence that I will not shed until I am bald.  I still had hair after T Bear.

So there you have it, a weird thing about life after babies.  Don't you feel so lucky to have a sister to tell you these things?  I think you should.

-Hairball Miss T


  1. one of the sad sad stories of pregnancy. Oh it is so awful. And you described it so well! How it gets so thick during pregnancy and then BAM handfuls and handfuls in the shower.

  2. oooooooooooooh. sad. oooooooooh dear. but yes, i guess i am glad i have you to tell me these things. ewwwwwww. it is a darn good thing your babies are adorable.