Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Riding a Bike while Texting - REALLY?

Texting while driving is dangerous.  Is texting while riding a bike dangerous as well?

I would say yes.

The other day, I seriously saw a guy riding his bike while texting.  He had let go of his handlebars and was using both hands on his phone.  He was riding along a fairly busy road.  To his credit, he was wearing a helmet.

Question:  What is so important that you have to text while riding a bike?

Answer:  Maybe his wife was having a baby, or someone had just died, or........ not really sure.

Granted, I am not a "texter" so I know that I could not physically do both of these activities simultaneously.  Still, I think if they have proven that texting while driving is dangerous, then riding a bike and doing the same is also dangerous.

Just a quick google search, and I found this gem:

New CA Law Would Band Mobile Phone Use While Bicycling

Now, I am not necessarily supporting this legislation.  I think we have much more important things to pass legislation on, but I do think it shows that this is more of a common problem than we realize.  Crazy!

-Miss T

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