Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Matchy-Matchy Sisters

KK- Here's a story for you.

Last Sunday we sat on a bench with another family.  It was a dad with his two daughters about the ages 12 and 9 years old.  By the end of the service I had noticed that the girls were "matchy-matchy."  

They both had on cute cream lace dresses with a dark denim jackets over the top.  As we stood up to leave the chapel, I talked to the older sister.  

I said, "Are you and your sister matchy-matchy today?"

Older sister said with a major eyeroll, "Yes. She begged me this morning to match with me."

I replied, "Oh, you have earned major sister points today.  That was so nice of you.  My younger sister would love to still be matchy-matchy with me and she is married now!"

The older sister smiled and gave a little laugh.

When I said to the younger sister that she looked super cute being matchy-matchy with her older sister, the younger sister gave an adorable guilty smile.  Her sweet smile was also saying that she was super pleased that she got to be dressed like her super cool older sister.

Isn't great to have sisters!

I love you little sis!

-Miss T

PS - I couldn't find any "matchy-matchy" pictures of us together.  Do you remember where we were when we took this picture?   BTW- let's take a "matchy-matchy" picture together next time we see each other.


  1. Oh my goodness yes I still love being matchy matchy! Yes next time we are together we will take a matchy matchy picture together. Oh I just loved matching you at church. You earned a lot of big sister points back in the day. :)

    And no...don't remember where we were when we took that picture...we look young though!

  2. Wow! That was when you were engaged! I love the throw back. :)