Saturday, October 12, 2013

Baby Nelson!

She came! She is here! Baby Nelson arrived!

Right before I went into the hospital I visited our brother In Provo and his wife and their two adorable boys drew this for us as we went up the stairs to their house.
With that good measure I went to the hospital for a cervix softener Wednesday evening. Thursday morning my body had begun laboring. They still induced labor, and after a full day of induced labor (about 15 hours), Baby Nelson required a c-section because of the curve and position of my pelvic bone. So, please notice her beautiful round head--a plus that Miga pointed out to me--of having a c-section. 

Looking through the glass of her hospital bassinet.

Making faces at her Mom already.

With her Daddy.

Wearing an adorable little bow.

With her Miga and Uncle J.

With her Papa.

Open eyes.

Words cannot describe becoming a mother, and what it feels like to hold your own little baby. I feel so lucky (and a bit overwhelmed) to be her mother. Welcome to our family Baby Nelson. We have long awaited her arrival. 

Love, a finally unpregnant KK :)


  1. Congrats! She is beautiful! I hope you recover quickly from your c-section and get as much rest as you can! Give her some snuggles for me :) !!

  2. Oohhh!! I love her! She is so beautiful! I wish I was there to hold her and snuggle her. Congrats again and again!

  3. She is beautiful. Roland and I are so happy for you! Congratulations! You will be wonderful parents.

  4. so wish i was there to hold her. she is gorgeous. lucky mommy and lucky girl.

  5. She is perfect and I love that Lard was there! So happy you are a mommy and cannot wait for our girls to be college roommates and best friends! :) Loaf you!

  6. Congratulations! She's adorable!!