Friday, October 17, 2014

Apple Eating

Dear Baby J,

I guess I won't be calling you Baby J anymore. Nope. Not anymore. Not when you can eat an apple like a grown up!!
It is time to move on to JT I think. JT is for a girl who swipes apples off the counter without Mom noticing. JT is for a girl who has seven teeth and knows how to use (and brush) them. JT is for a walking, talking, cheerful little girl who I never gave permission to grow up so fast. 

Besides, your new sister will take on the baby role next, so we can pass the title on to her I guess. Three more weeks and you get the best gift of your life- a real live sister!! 

Love, your Mom


  1. I like JT as her new identity. She is getting ready to be the big sister!

  2. I like JT too. Kind of sad she has to pass it on so soon, but she definitely is growing up quick. It's a rough life to be the oldest child, but somebody awesome has to do it! :)

  3. You would know!
    Thank you for shouldering the burden!!
    Seriously. There is so much truth in that idea. Oldest children do so much for the world.