Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Japan is in da House!

Konnichiwa Miss T-

Wish you were here in P-town so you could be here with our Japan in da house! 

Yesterday we picked up Ryo-kun, who will be with us for one week. He is polite, shy, and totally adorable for a 14-year old exchange student. 

We took a few pictures using the timer, but didn't realize the setting was set to 5-picture mode. We got a few more snapshots than we intended, but hopefully it was good practice for Ryo-kun...right? By the end of his stay we will have him taking funny pictures with us--just watch!

He came bearing gifts:

 Does this fabric remind you of Japan? So beautiful. And he folded the origami crane himself, and gave us a book so we could learn how too!

And what do you think of this lovely fan? I just love the feel these oriental fans give to a room when they are a part of the decor.

I will have to keep you posted on our adventures this next week. Pretty much this is the perfect distraction to get me nearly through til I have this baby!

Ja mata!


  1. You are amazing to do this when you are 9 MONTHS PREGNANT!

  2. Subarashii! I hope it was fun. You were a wonderful hostess.