Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hagg Lake Tri


This month I did the Hagg Lake Sprint Triathlon.

I wish I could stay that I trained for the event,  but I didn't.  I did complete all of the elements at some point before the event.

I convinced two of my new Oregon friends to join me on this crazy adventure.  It turned out that Kendra, was quite the multi-sport athlete in her college days.  So she kicked it up a gear and competed fiercely.  She was quite impressive and rocked the triathlon.

Ashley and I were not on the competitive level like Kendra.  We were there to have fun and our goal was COMPLETION.  Our wave the last to start, so we were cheering everyone one on.  We danced to the music as we went through the transition stations.  We waved to our family and the cameras.  We had a great time and COMPLETED!!!

It was exciting!  I did "endo"-ed on my bike (Dad would be proud).  I tried to brake to stop to pick up Ashley's water bottle for her and crashed.  Apparently true racers don't stop for dropped water bottles!

The kids loved swimming in Hagg Lake on such a beautiful day after the race.  The next day I told Big D that I did not feel sore.  Big D said that meant I did not push myself hard enough.  It was true, I did not.  But remember that was not my goal!!! 

Do you want to join me next year?  

-Miss T


  1. You bet I do! Sounds a little scary...I have never done a triathalon before, nor have I really swam or biked any distance, but I will do it with you. :)

  2. PS: You look great in that pic.