Wednesday, July 23, 2014


 Dear Miss T,

Lately I feel needy inside. Do you know what that feels like? Tonight I was trying to figure out why I feel needy (though I am hoping I am not behaving too needy-ly), and I wasn't really getting anywhere just thinking about it.

So I ended up clicking through some recent pictures and I found this one:

This picture was taken near Southern Idaho at a ranch up in the mountains. Our friends have a small cabin up there. Limited if any running water, limited electricity. Small one room cabin with a loft. Beautiful hills and grass all around. We woke up early the morning we were there and I spent the morning outside with my girls. When I look at the picture and think on the simplicity of a life that used to rely on crops and animals in that area, then I get a new perspective of needs. What does a girl really need? Her girls (or boys in your case).And a quiet mountain top. And someone to snap a great picture of the moment. ;)

Anyway, I hope to keep a fresh perspective on my needs. My actual needs. I do not need to know the future right now, though I really really want to. I do not need ice cream before going to bed each night (though maybe my body is trained to think that now? Uh oh). I do not need to be thanked for all the laundry, meals, and care I try to give, but it's nice when that happens. :) I do need you. So thank you for being there for me.

Good night,


(This was Paul's idea of "fun" which scared me near to death. But he "needed" to take her on the four wheeler...haha to be a fun Dad I guess.)

Love, Kk

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