Thursday, May 22, 2014

Don't Be Mad, It's What Sisters Do

Is that B-town in the background?


I know you are mad at me.

When I was talking to you on the phone I could hear baby Jane screaming.  I could hear how tired you were in your voice.  

I admit it.  

I did call Tracey.  

I told her to go down and offer to take Jane on a walk so you could rest.  

Because that is exactly what I would have done if I lived by you.  That's what sisters do.

I have been that tired, tired, tired mommy.  It is so hard to keep it together with a crying baby if you, yourself wants to be crying with exhaustion too.  And it is true, "Ain't nobody happy if mama ain't happy."  

So please don't be angry with me too long (and please don't be mad with Tracey).  This is just what I do to sisters & friends.  In fact yesterday I took a friend's 4 yr old son for the afternoon so she could rest because she had been dealing with a sick baby for over a week.  She doesn't have sisters around, so she needed someone to be her sister and take her son for awhile.

That's just what sisters do.  

And I know you would have done it for me.

Love you,

-Miss T


  1. You are awesome, Tenley! I need to have a sister or friend like you living near me :) !! You also inspire me to be a better person and to follow-through with the many thoughts/promptings I receive!


  2. I LOVE you! You are a rock of a friend, I know this first hand, and how lucky is Kallene to have you as her sister?!