Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Laundry Chute

KK - 

We moved.  

Technically not a big move.  Our new home was only 1 mile away from the rental home.  Same church ward, same school, etc.  

But regardless the size of a move, a move is still a MOVE.  Exhausting & a lot of WORK!

Our new home is a cute little "starter" home.  

The boys are very excited about the new house namely because it has a laundry chute.  Cub said to me, "I've always wanted to live in a house with a laundry chute!"  I am so glad we could make his dreams come true.  

Here is Little Grizzly working the laundry chute.

We have had talks about how ONLY clothing goes down the chute.  Not toys, kids, diapers, legos, etc.

Although I do remember shoving down at least one of my siblings down a laundry chute in one of our homes as a little girl.  Was it you that I sent down?  Probably.  Sorry about that.

Someday there will be more pictures to post of our house, but right now we still have plenty of boxes (empty and full) lying around.

-Miss T

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  1. Cutest video!! And happy move. I am proud of you for making it through. Can't wait to come see you in your new home in June!