Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Bus, The Bus, The Bus is on FIRE!


"The bus, the bus, the bus is on FIRE!" (FYI - I am singing that to the song "The Roof is on Fire")

T Bear's school bus caught on fire on Thursday.  Seriously.

I was standing at the corner with Cub waiting for the bus.  I saw the bus stop and drop off the kid before our stop.  Then I watch the bus head toward us.  Suddenly the bus stopped and pulled over without all the flashing lights.  

I thought, oh great.  It's a sub and they don't know where our stop it.  This had happened last week with a sub bus driver. I grabbed Cub, crossed the street and started walking toward the bus.  I quickly saw billowing smoke coming from the engine and the bus driver was herding kids off the bus into the grass.  

I started running and yelling if I needed to call 911.  Luckily a guy on a bike had been right next to bus and had already called the fire department. 

A small fire had started under the bus, so we moved the kids further down the street from the bus.  Two fire engines arrived quickly.  We stood and watched as they hosed down the bus.  My boys thought is was AWESOME!  They kept asking if the bus was going to explode.  

More police cars arrived to block off the road.  Then schools district cars showed up as well as a fire investigation truck.  There was some serious excitement.

Luckily everyone was safe and the sub bus driver did a great job of handling the situation.

And don't worry Lady A (my sister-in-law who specializes in childhood counseling), we did some chalk therapy when we got home.  We drew pictures of the bus on fire and fire engines.  

It was probably the most exciting day of Kindergarten for T Bear.

Big D told him the next day, "Try not to start your bus on fire again today!"

-Miss T

If you want to hear about the event in T Bear's words watch this:


  1. I have been waiting for this update. What a craaaaaazy story! But yes, epic. Troy will be able to use that one in two truths and a lie one day. :)

  2. Just when kindergarten was seeming ho-hum....

  3. Oh man, I have a kiddo in my house that would have loved to watch those events unfold! Especially the arrival of the emergency vehicles. T-Bear's explanation is perfect. You are brilliant for thinking to record it!