Monday, June 9, 2014

All American Boy

KK -

T Bear played baseball this Spring.  It was a big deal because he had never played and was joining a team of experienced 6 to 8 yr olds.  

We were quite nervous for him.  Would he fail?  Would he even hit a ball pitched to him?  Would he dread playing?  Would he rise up to the challenge?  Would he become determined?  Would he be a good team mate?

I am proud to say that T Bear had a good season.  He did hit some balls.  He missed a lot of pitches.  He got on base a few times.  He scored once.  He pouted when he struck out.  He cheered for his teammates.  He got in fights with his teammates.  He got hit by the ball and cried.  He complained when his team lost. He was happy when his team finally won a game.  

I would like to thank his coaches for being extremely patient and caring.

I would like to thank Big D for being a supportive Dad during this baseball season.  I know baseball is not Big D's favorite sport, but he was at every game and practice with T Bear.  He sat through the games, helped when needed and took good care of T Bear.  

Recently we were watching commercials on the Mormon Channel.  Several of them were about fathers & sons playing baseball together.  Watch here.  I realized that my husband and son had just had an "All-American" experience by playing baseball together this year.  I am so thankful for a husband who takes time to play with our sons.

I also want to thank my dad, Poppa, for helping T Bear with baseball too.  I think playing baseball with your grandpa is part of the "All-American" dream too.  Poppa recorded and sent T Bear five training videos to help him out.  Here is a sample:

Isn't family the best?  Or really.... Family....Isn't it about time?

I love my family (much more than I love baseball)!

-Miss T

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  1. Proud of all of you for trying something outside your comfort zone and for supporting each other.