Friday, November 7, 2014


Dear Miss T,

Where do I even start? My heart is so full. JT got the best gift in the world yesterday: a sister. I don't quite think she grasps at all what is going on, but she was pleasant and cute with Baby C when she met her, so I will take that good start and run with it.

This delivery (scheduled c-section) has gone so much smoother than my last (emergency c-section). Already I am recovering so much better. My nurse Zophia found out I like Oreos, and has kept me well stocked throughout her night shift. That has got to be what is making the difference!

Baby C looks a lot like JT, and all throughout yesterday I kept accidentally calling her by JT's name. However, as I cuddled her last night I can tell she is different than JT. Just like you have been telling me, they are different babies and I will be surprised about how they have their unique different behaviors and preferences. I am excited to see what Baby C has in store fo me. Can't believe we are now a family of four!


  1. such a sweet sweet picture. so tender. special time. love you. proud of you.

  2. JT is very blessed to have a sister!