Saturday, September 7, 2013

Make It A Girls Weekend

All ya pretty ladies!

Are you planning to make September 21st a girls weekend?

We are! right, KK?

Our mom is hosting a fun run/walk for women, girls, ladies, lassies, madams, sisters, aunts, grandmas, nieces, granddaughters, daughters, mothers, girlfriends, etc...

It is going to be a party! That is why you need to register for the race NOW.

And don't you think the shirts are adorable?  Not a boring race shirt. (Big thank you to the best college roommate for designing them - Karin!)

Once you have registered, don't stop there.  Make it a full fledged girls weekend.

You can go to a salon (there will be coupons in the goody bags for some sweet salons) or get a pedicure or manicure together.

Plan on watching some chick flicks.  We like Drop Dead Diva, White Christmas, Singing in the Rain, So You Think You Can Dance, or any movie on the Hallmark channel.

Eat some delicious food.  Sometimes we go out to eat, or we have had take-out, or just had a nice homemade dinner together.  Don't forget to include chocolate for the dessert!

Also, you can play some games.  We like to play a big game of Bunko or if we have fewer numbers, we find a more calm game to play.

Sometimes we have done projects or crafts together - mostly my sister-in-law Alene - she is the real crafty one.

Mostly we just enjoy being WOMEN together.  Girls need girls.  (and a little bit of exercise is good for us too!)

I can't wait for our girls weekend to begin!  I hope yours will be as fun as ours!

-Miss T

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