Sunday, September 1, 2013

You know you are really pregnant when...(version 2)

Dear Miss T,

I was looking for some pregnancy sympathy posts from the past because I am getting to the point where I WANT BABY NELSON OUT MORE THAN IN! Remember that feeling?

I found a post you wrote called "You know you're really pregnant when..." And you told the story about going to the Dr. and forgetting to pee in the cup. Made me laugh because that absent-minded ness is so real!!

My you-know-you-are-really-pregnant story isn't quite as funny, but I bet pregnant ladies everywhere can relate.

 We went out to dinner with some friends, but unfortunately didn't get to the restaurant until after 7pm. The restaurant was packed because of the Swiss Days festival going on in town, and waiters and waitresses were swarming everywhere, but no one was coming to our table. I began to color aggressively on the table. Trying to wait for food. As the minutes ticked by I couldn't help but vocalize my concerns about getting some food soon. When a waitress finally came to our table, the friend began to order and said "we know you a busy tonight, but if you could notice we have a hungry pregnant lady with us and we would appreciate any kind of rush you could out on our order." The lady nodded politely and knowingly. So the friend proceeded to order an appetizer. Mr. P was about to place his order next, but when he looked up, the lady had disappeared! We looked at each other dumbfounded, thinking "our waitress just left us?!"

A minute later she returned with her notepad as if nothing happened. Our friend who had ordered said "Ok, so that order of cheesey bread," starting from the beginning of his order again, and the lady stopped him. She said, "OhI got that order in, and I told Carmello she is pregnant so get this in rapido! Pronto!"

We got that order of cheesey bread in less than ten minutes. :D The rest of our food took almost an hour to come, but the cheesey bread held me over just fine. 

I guess you know you are really pregnant when friends start advocating for you to rush food, and waitresses put orders in for you "Rapido! Pronto!"

Ready to get Baby Nelson out KK
PS Thank you for the maternity clothes! Recognize that top? 


  1. You look so cute! And man- those last few weeks seem to last forever.

  2. You look darling. Some day you will be so glad you took that cute picture. Glad you have people watching out for you!