Tuesday, September 24, 2013

No Baby!

Dear Miss T,

I know you told me to plan on a later due date, especially when the ultra sound tech told me Baby Nelson was measuring 5 days small. So, it turns out my due date was yesterday and I didn't even know that! But either way, regardless of what the due date is or isn't, still no baby!

So what do I do with no baby? Well not the dishes anymore.
It seriously is painful to do them...baby Nelson just doesn't like being right up against the sink for some reason. It is the darnedest thing.

But instead I do this:
Put some chocolate cake mix cookies in the oven for myself. Yep. That is what you do with no baby. What else can you do? It is the only way I am keeping up a good attitude right now :). Wish you were here to eat them with me and a glass of milk (except minus the milk because we ran out :( oops). And we could watch a Drop Dead Diva together. Oh wait. Except we can't handle that show anymore because they twisted it way too much...

Much love and cookies,
Kk and in-utero-Nelson

1 comment:

  1. You have a good attitude! She will come--maybe tonight?