Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kissing Him Goodbye


I have wanted to write this post and I have not wanted to write this post.

Last week T Bear started kindergarten.  

My mind has been running in circles about what to write about after this day happened.

I can't believe it arrived... his first day of school.  That was the fastest 5 years I have ever experienced.  I start to think about the day he was born... small and large milestones he has accomplished, how much he has grown, how much he has taught me about life and love.  Tears.  Sweet sappy tears fill up my eyes.  And that is why it is hard to write about this.

My mind changes direction.

I can't believe he is off to kindergarten - HOORAY!!!! Now I will not have to be "fighting" with him all day about the correct way to write a letter, or why we put on clean underwear everyday, or telling him to be kind and respectful to his brothers and friends.  We will have a break from each other, miss each other and then be thrilled to be reunited everyday.

Such mixed emotions.  Alas, this is motherhood.  Still won't trade it for anything.

And what does T Bear think about kindergarten?  He loves it.  He wants to walk to school by himself (big NO), he is thrilled to ride the bus home.  He waves goodbye and doesn't look back.  He tells me about his new friend and all the fun things they do.  School is great for him.

And so, everyday I kiss him goodbye.

-Miss T (now a kindergarten parent!) 

*anybody wondering about what Cub thought about T Bear going to kindergarten?  Well, on one of the first days Cub wore his own backpack and before I knew it he was half way down the hall to class.  I hear T Bear yelling at him "Cub you can't go to kindergarten!"  Poor Cub came back and cried the whole way home.  He is loving the one-on-one time with mommy once we get home.


  1. All your posts are great but I especially love this one. It brought lots of memories to mind. You are a great mom!

  2. It made me teary reading this because it reminded me of you leaving me for kindergarten. Motherhood is not for wimps.

  3. "Motherhood is not for wimps." I love that. You are so right. I stand in awe everyday at all that Mothers deal with on a daily basis. I love my Mother, and I love my boys Mother. This post also brought floods of memories to my mind from the past 5 years as well. Thank you Tenley.