Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Dog Food

 Dear Miss T,

If you chance to consider getting a dog while you still have little mouthy-babies around, consider yourself forewarned of this possibility:

I am having to be vigilant in making sure Baby J does not eat dog food. When she first started crawling she loved to head towards Nellie's dish...she knew I would come running! And when we would visit the dog upstairs (bowl pictured here), she could not get enough of a thrill sneaking around the corner, and then pausing and sitting and turning to see if I had caught her yet. She would hurry to grab some food and shove it in her mouth as I lunged at her. It just wasn't clear that dog food was not her food. As far as I know, she never fully ingested any. As far as I know.

At this point, she no longer tries to get it in her mouth (at least not immediately). She throws it! And she makes the "Neh Neh Neh" sound, which I am thinking is a pretty good effort to say "Nellie" because every time I take her away that is what I say "This food is for Nellie." So. There may be food in the floor and under some furniture, but none in her mouth. Nice.

But then, the other day I had handed a carrot stick to Baby J for her to gnaw on a little, and I look over to see this:
Clearly she doesn't realize that her food is not dog food. I am betting we could have a little problem here in the next few years where Nellie knows that a certain little someone will hand over food that she normally won't get anywhere else! At least I love it when Nellie cleans up under Baby J's high chair? Can't beat that.

Love, Kk