Monday, July 30, 2012

My Little Olympian

 Good Morning Early-Riser,

I know this may shock you because it surely shocked me, but if you thought Mr. P was not much of a morning person, he has you fooled.

Yesterday morning I was minding my own business, enjoying bed just thinking about the day when at 7:20 I hear an alarm go off, and then from Mr. P, "Good morning!" I thought it would just be the usual sleepy-say-the-words-roll-over-go-back-to-sleep salutation, but to my surprise he sat up and said in a very awake voice (more so than mine!), "Should we check out what's on the Olympics?" and brightly grabbed his laptop and pulled up an Olympic preliminary soccer game. No doubt about it, he was up and awake at 7:20 am!

If you think that is just a coincidence, let me tell you about this morning. Around 2 am Mr. P returned from seeing the new Batman movie with Big D. The movie was so exciting and thrilling (nearly 3 hours long, but only seemed like 1 reportedly) that Mr. P was wired! After waking me up to tell me about the movie, we finally both went to sleep around 2:30. Just a few wee hours later another alarm goes off. The time was 6:20 to be exact. And Mr. P once again says brightly "Good morning!" I rolled over groggily. He gets his laptop out once again to support Team USA. Go American Basketball! And our red-white-and-blue Lebron and Kobe did us basketball-proud in their first Olympic game in London.

And so, as you can see Mr. P IS a morning person.  A selectively morning person. Amazing, right? Well now I know, and so do you. 

Love Usually Early-Riser Kk

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