Monday, July 16, 2012

Moving Friends

T Bear's "yummy doughnut" face at Mighty-Os

Last night T Bear said in his prayer: "Please help me to be nice to my friends who haven't moved yet."

We currently have had a lot of T Bear's friends move.  When I first told him that his best friends were moving, he cried as I pushed him through Safeway.

Now several of them have moved, and a couple more by the end of the summer.  It breaks my heart.  It also means my friends are moving too.  Life can be hard.

Luckily we have super-hero Cub to brighten our day. He has no idea what is going gone, but we like it that way.

-Miss T

1 comment:

  1. OH!
    So hard to have friends move.
    I hate that I am one of them who will be moving away (I am guessing I made the friend list? and I am moving out of your house which will be a relief, but maybe also a little sad? A little sad for me, for sure).
    But so wonderful to have an adorable super boy in your life. :)
    Love that cub.