Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hi Miss T,

In my long absence from writing to you, I have been doing many things.

1. Creating Shredder armor for Mr. P for the upcoming Ragnar Race (he mastered the helmet). Impressive, don't you think? But...definitely not the best running apparel.

2. Purchasing a ridiculously adorable puppy named Nellie, but having Btown pick her up and take care of her until I get back to Utah (I can't wait to see her again). Yes, she looks a lot like our childhood dog. Yes, I am weirdly trying to replace my childhood dog. Yes, the timing is not ideal.  And yes, I am still happy I got her.  One look at the face, and I'm history.
3.  Vacationing in my favorite place, with my favorite people. (McCall Idaho, Ponderosa State Park to be specific. Mr. P, Miga and Poppa, you, and the rest of the family.)

4. Watching Big D carry his whole family (yes all four of you are in that picture...T-bear's head is all you can see of him, and maybe some feet). This is not the only occasion where I have seen it done. This is truly an amazing feat.

5. And nursing Mr. P's ridiculously huge burst blister (this picture was taken after one mile of the backpacking hike...he proceeded to hike 25 more! Needless to say, this picture is MILDLY reminiscent of the sand-dollar sized beauty now oozing pus and blood on the back of his heel, too graphic to be pictured).

Life is always exciting, isn't it?
Love you,
Love KK

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