Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blue Mystique

Hey Miss T,

I vote you the best Team Leader of Ragnar Support. Thank you for coming to watch and cheer us on with the boys, despite our idiocy in running in costume for 36 hours or so.

I had an excellent time as "Blue Mystique," in the words of T-bear. I got up at 4 am to have my face painted blue and textured with black and white for the scales.  I wore a spandex body suit that covered even my hands, so for 36 hours it was as if I had a pair of gloves on (I don't recommend eating chips like that...greasy business that doesn't wash away easily). I ran and chasse'ed my way to victory with the villains. So you know, if you ever get runner's knee, or have trouble with your IT band, then chasse-ing is a lot easier on the knee than you first think. I kicked it with Van 1 and cheered for my teammates at their exchanges, and I loved the big exchanges where we all got together and had dance parties.

If you are wondering if you should ever do the Ragnar, or even ever consider doing it, then the answer is most likely yes, and do it in costume please. It's a blast.

Love, Mystique

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