Saturday, December 4, 2010

DAY 6 of Oprah's 12 Day Holiday Give-O-way!

Day 6 of Oprah's 12 Day Holiday Give-O-way

Enter to win some of Oprah's favorite things.


Here is one of my favorite things:

People ask me if I love sushi since I served a mission in Japan.  I do like sushi, but I love giyoza.  Fortunately I had been introduced to giyoza before going to Japan, thanks to my Dad.  But while in Japan, I got to enjoy giyoza more frequently.  I even got to go to giyoza making parties.  I had Japanese giyoza and Chinese giyoza, and I loved them all.  Now, we frequently have giyoza and it is one of T Bear's favorite.  We were at our favorite Teriyaki place and T Bear ate about 6 giyoza alone - it was impressive for a 2 year.  So the next time you are out, don't order sushi - order GIYOZA!

-Miss T

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