Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 12 of Oprah's 12 Day Holiday Give-O-way

Day 12 of Oprah's 12 Day Holiday Give-O-way

Enter to win some of Oprah's favorite things.


Here is one of my favorite things:
Wishful Betrothals

My best friend Dani came to visit me in Seattle and brought her Baby Liv.  We decide that my Baby Cub and Baby Liv should get married.  We talked about bathing them together and taking pictures that would humiliate them as adults.  We didn't do it, instead we took "engagement" photos.  

It remind me of when you are little and you have people you wish to marry when you get older.  For me, I wanted to marry Jack on Newsies.  (I'm sure someone else wanted to as well - right, Kenz?)

Dani also said that her 4 year old daughter wanted to married her 7 year old brother.  When she asked why she could not, the 7 year old boy said with disgust, "Because it is illegal!"

I know you, KK, would actually like a true Betrothal, but that doesn't happen now days.  You can still have a wishful betrothal though...... Jack?

-Miss T

1 comment:

  1. I approve of this arranged marriage!!
    And yes, a betrothal would be very nice.
    Anyone know if Harvey from Sabrina the Teenaged Witch is still available?