Monday, December 13, 2010

Baby Cub's Big Event


I really missed you this weekend.  

This last Sunday we blessed Baby Cub at church.  Miga, Poppa, Grandpa P, and Aunt L, came for this baby blessing.  On Sunday morning, Miga asked if I had tried on the white blessing outfit on Baby Cub. I realized I had not, and I probably should have because it may not fit.  Baby Cub is a fat baby, but we were able to put the blessing outfit on.  We were just unable to button the top button by the neck (he has like a triple chin!).  

Dressed in a white outfit and wrapped in a white blanket, Big D blessed him.  It was beautiful.  I feel very blessed to have another son to be a mother to.  It is overwhelming at times to think about the importance of raising a child, therefore I just have to take it one day at a time and hope my boys will turn out alright.

While the main event was Baby Cub's baby blessing, the rest of the weekend revolved around T Bear.  He was thrilled to have 4 more adults to cater to his every need and want.  He told them what to do, play, eat, say and more.  And for being 2 years old, I think he did a great job being gracious and kind to our visitors.  

We enjoyed the weekend.  The only part I did not enjoy was the crazy storm Saturday night that resulted in a power outrage, a visit from the fire department at 4:30am and flooding water.  Can I just say I am done being an apartment manager, and I am started to get excited to move?

I really wished you could have been here this last weekend, but I am looking forward to seeing  you soon.  Good luck on finals this week!

-Miss T


  1. Chubby little BUBBY~~ I cannot wait to hold that baby :D I wish I had been there too. I'll do my best to get there next time. Thanks for the luck, I need it!

  2. What a beautiful family picture! I'm so excited to squeeze your little family. Love ya Ten!