Sunday, December 5, 2010

DAY 7 of Oprah's 12 Day Holiday Give-O-way!

Day 7 of Oprah's 12 Day Holiday Give-O-way

Enter to win some of Oprah's favorite things.


Here is one of my favorite things:

This is a type of cereal.  It is my favorite.  It's from the United Kingdom.  So when you read this, I hope you hear this in a British accent.  I first learned about Shreddies when my roommate and I were shopping in London, freshly arrived and scrimping on our groceries.  Shreddies were on sale, they had the label Nestle, and looked like a winner cereal that we were willing to take a risk on.  Risk was worth it!! Shreddies are whole-grain wheat squares, and most often we got the chocolate flavored shreddies with frosting. Mmmm delicious!  Absolutely perfect with milk.  They taste better than any.


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