Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christ mas with The Mormon Tabernacle Choir AND David Archuleta!

Dear Tenley,

I feel like I have just met the most adorable boy. Except I didn't really actually meet him, but I feel like I have. That's right, I feel like I have met David Archuleta.

Last night I attended the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert (EEEEeee! Myabe my favorite thing ever! This is a PS to the favorite things series). Each year this world-renowned choir invites a guest artist to sing with them, and this year just happened to be the young and adorable American-Idol success pop-star David Archuleta. I was a bit of an indifferent fan of David's prior to last night, but I have since purchased a ticket on the David Archuleta Train and am riding first class.

Conveniently I attended the concert with a family who had two things going for them:
1. The Dad is in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
2. The son is friends with David!!!
As we walked to the Conference Center they talked about David as if he were just the kid next door. Oh yes... because HE WAS! They talked about how he hung out at their house, sung at middle school choir concerts, and kinda shrugged and giggled whenever he ran out of something to say. They told me about how he spoke in their church on Sunday and when they asked why he was speaking and not singing, the church leader said, "You've all heard him sing, now I want you to hear him speak." He talked about how everywhere he travels (and man this kid travels!) he goes to the temple in whatever city he is in, and tries to go every week! Wouldn't that be cool to visit temples all over the world? To sum up, he's just an adorable boy, with a huge happy grin, and a genuine spirit. His smile is contagious, and you can't help but love his boyish charisma. He must have said 6 or 7 times how grateful he was to be singing for us. It was as if we were his gift, as opposed to his concert being a gift to us. Endearing. Very endearing that boy. Yes, I am now a David Archuleta fan, but mostly just a fan of his real life. His voice is equally lovely.

I also have a new favorite Christmas Carol. It's called "The Cat and the Mouse Carol." I had never heard it before, and if you are like me you are thinking "that sounds like a dumb name for a Christmas carol." But oh! It is the sweetest little Christmas song, and the perfect combination of artists to sing it is David Archuleta and The Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The carol tells the story of a cat and mouse who were in the stable when Jesus was born. I don't want to say anymore because I want you to google it and look it up. I will buy the cd when it comes out, if for this song only, but lucky me! Every song on the cd will be fantastic.

I wish you could have been there with me. It was wonderful. I couldn't help but thinking to myself, "Wow, what a wonderful gift David has been given to share with the world!" I may or may not have been jealous for a few minutes. And then I said a prayer in my heart to ask if I might be able to share whatever gift I've been given to share, as beautifully as David shares his gift. Surely my gift is not that of song, but it's something. So if it's just to be a good Auntie to T-bear and Baby Cub, or a good sister to you, or to whomever, then I will do it and love it!

Love you sis,


  1. I think you should marry David A. I highly recommend marrying people with the name David.

  2. Oh My have me in tears! It is just such an amazing feeling to be a fan of David. His voice maybe is what draws us to him, but it is definitly his heart that keeps us coming back and bringing more and more people to share his gift! I am so happy that you came to this concert! Following David...who is an inspiration to people of all definitely a life altering experience of the very best kind! To be "more like David" is my aspiration in life. No, I will never sing like David, but if I could capture just a bit of his loving kind spirit...and pass it to others...I will be a very happy person! Watching David spread love to others is so motivating. He reminds us that Goodness is soooooo very cool!

  3. Kk What a beautifully written letter. I am a 69 year old who never really was a fan of any recording artist, but something about David just makes me want to be a better person. You should read his book. It has so many beautiful quotes that almost my entire book is highlighted. I have 4 grandsons, and I am not happy about the way the music industry is headed with every one trying to be raunchier than next with their lyrics and actions. I have seen David 5 times now and his concerts are very family friendly...and then there is, of course, the voice.

  4. Oh, beautifully written. You have me in tears. I too am a 70 y/o lady and never a fan of anybody, but David changed all that because of the kind of person he is and also because of that amazing voice. Thanks for sharing us your story about David.

  5. From one sister to another, let me intrude and say Welcome to the David Train! It's a fun one and more amazing than I ever could have expected! That was a glorious concert!

  6. So beautifully written! It's the voice that pulls you in but it's David's genuine loving spirit that keeps you on the David train. I don't need to say anything else because everyone has said it already! Welcome to the David train! It's a wonderful endless ride in your life!

  7. What you've written is why I'm a fan of David also. He's a very good person, and following his life and career is inspirational. And then there's the amazing voice too! I'm a 24 year old fan. We come in all ages haha.