Monday, December 19, 2011

A Temporary Solution

Dear Big D,

I know I called you around 4:45pm in tears.  It was a rough moment because our boys were fighting relentlessly and I was getting pinched and hit in the middle of it.  I felt completely frustrated and helpless as a mother.  What was I supposed to do?  After we hung up, I went downstairs and found a temporary solution.

Here it is:

T Bear was quarantined to the couch and Cub was left on his own.  This did temporarily eliminated the fighting and allowed me to at least load the dishwasher.

After a day like this I wonder, "Why did we have more than one child?"  and "How did my mom have 6 kids?"

Finally bedtime rolled around and I snuggled each one of my boys.  I read to them, sang to them some songs and told them how much I loved them.  Which I really do love them, even when I wonder how I am supposed to be a patient mother to these boys.

I am doing much better now that the boys are asleep.  Tonight I will get on my knees and pray for more patience.

Miss T


  1. I hear ya!
    you're a good mom Tenley.

  2. Sibling rivalry has been killing me lately. Glad you at least found a temporary solution. Hang in there ... and I will attempt to do the same :) !!

  3. Our boys are so cute in my own biased opinion! Thank you so much for being an amazing Mother to the boys. You are an incredible woman and I love you so much.

  4. Bless you Tenley. :)
    You are a great mom!