Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy Cinco de Mayo Anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary Miss T and Big D!

I remember your fabulous wedding, 7 years ago :).
1. Nails done together, massage for you, and watching your hair and make-up become a masterpiece
2. Salt Lake Temple = lovely
3. Big D + Miss T = HOT couple, married at...4:20 pm. Great timing!
4. Red as accent color.
5. Dinner, dancing, and good toasts. :)
6. A couple united together for eternity who compliments each other well

So happy you have led the way with a wonderful marriage. Here is to another 7 years for you and Big D!

Love, Kk


  1. Belated happy anniversary. It was a wonderful day!

  2. Thanks KK! We had a nice anniversary and will have many more!