Monday, February 2, 2015

Me as a hairdresser

Dear Miss T,

In 7th grade I job shadowed Jil for a day, which was awesome because I got to skip a day of school to sit in her in-home salon and see her work all day. I wanted to be a hair dresser just lik her.

Well. I didn't actually end up pursuing that goal. But I am still a hairdresser. For Nellie.
This was just the start of her haircut. Aren't I good? 

I used to be Paul's hairdresser too, which was awful because I really didn't have training. It looked bad when I did it, and I hated doing it. Lose lose. But, since he is growing his hair out long he has become Odge's client. Thank goodness! He looks so much better. :)

Who is going to cut Ziggy's hair? If he needs a grooming when I am nearby, I will do it for free for you, as long as you can handle a chopped up look.

Love, kk

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