Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's Time to Get Real and Share a Funny Proposal


My how time flies.  It has been a month since I was in Japan, I have not written anything about it.  When we got back I used the excuses of jet lag, a head cold, an ear infection, pinterest, naps, kids, and other things to keep me away from blogging.  Also, I wanted to write long beautiful pieces about my experince, but it is time to get real.  I am just going to share short memories and thoughts with pictures to document my epic Japan trip.

In the meantime, I am sharing the BEST EVER PROPOSAL via YouTube.  Don't get me wrong, Big D gave me a wonderful proposal, but I would have LOVED something like this.  That being said, I am more than willing to put together a proposal like this for anyone who wants it.  Just picture me as the lead girl in the red dress!

Enjoy! Ja ne!

-Miss T


  1. What? I thought that was you in the red dress!

  2. so sad the movie got blocked for copyright things.

    also, good on you for getting real. now can you help me do it too?