Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cub's First Campout


Last weekend we took Cub on his first camping trip.  We went north to Deception Pass on Whidby Island.  The campground was beautiful and well kept, it reminded us a lot of Ponderosa State Park in McCall, ID.  

After setting up camp, we explore the beach.  The boys could have spent hours throwing rocks into the water and scrambling up and down larger rocks in the water.  

That night after roasting s'mores over the fire, we wiped the boys' sticky faces and fingers and got them ready for bed.  We laid them down in the tent in their own sleeping bags.  For Cub, it was too much freedom.  There was no crib to hold him back, so he started rolling and jumping and going crazy inside that tent.  We let it go on for 15 minutes, hoping it would die down.  Finally, I went in the tent, and laid down with the boys.  T Bear fell asleep instantly, but Cub still was rolling and tossing around.  WE brought him out in the dark by the campfire.  Big D held him in his arms and he soon fell asleep.

The night went well, but we awoke to rain.  It just kept raining and raining.  Our camping trip ended a little shorter than we planned.  We went went home and went and happy.  Cub did a great job at his first time camping, I think we will take him again soon!

-Miss T

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  1. These pictures are the cutest. You are brave for camping with children.