Monday, June 4, 2012

Porcelain Throne


One of the things I love about Japan is their version of the "porcelain throne."  On the plane ride over, I told Big D that he was going to love the toilets in Japan.

This is why I love them - the seats are WARM!  At first it is a disgusting feeling because you are thinking that the warmth is from the pervious person's bum.  Then you realized that is is always heated and it feels great. Plus the toilets have the bidet feature where they spray water and air to clean you off when you are done.

Unfortunately there are still plenty of "squatters" (they are a hole in the ground) around Japan.  Miga always got nervous when we used public bathrooms in fear that there would be no western style toilets and she would be forced to use a squatter.  We lucked out every time.

Big D did enjoy the toilets so much he took a picture:

And here is my favorite commercial "Ode to the Commode." (not Japanese at all)

-Miss T

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  1. HAHAHA! I've never seen that commercial before- I love it!!
    Also, so glad you were spared the squatters.