Saturday, October 13, 2012

An October Trick

Lately Mr. P has been severely sleep deprived. And even though mornings are best in bed for him, he does a good job waking up when I come in and wake him up in the mornings so he can go to school. The other day I went to wake him up before leaving and he said something to the effect of "just ten more minutes please." Of course I can't say no to that. So I bring him his phone and watch him set an alarm. Then I leave for work.

Throughout the morning I don't hear from him via chat or text while at work, which is a little unusual, but not worry-worthy when he has a busy day. At luch time I got on my bike, and rode home to go let Nellie out. When I got into the kitchen I saw a stack of books on the kitchen table. In my heart I got a little excited because I thought "oh my gosh he surprised me and came home to study and eat lunch with me!" So I say "Paul? Nellie?" And go in the room to let Nellie out. Right there in front of me is a massive roll, a long tree-trunk-looking roll. "What the heck?" I think. Then I say loudly "Paul!?"

Yep! It was him. And he thought that I was coming to wake him up after the ten minute snooze when i was leaving for work. Unfortunately I had to be the bad guy that says "No. I am actually home for lunch right now. And I think that means you must have missed your classes." I would have been frantic ha i been in his situation. I would have run out the door to school (as I am sure you can all imagine) in pjs and without brushing my teeth (gross!) but Paul's good attitude was "well now I get to have lunch with you."

So that evening when I returned from work I walked in our room and found this.

I thought "NO WAY. HE SLEPT ALL DAY!?" I knew he had been sleep deprived pretty severely but really!?

Nope. Not really. This is rolled up blankets and clothes. But it looks exactly like Paul does rolled up in those blankets. EXACTLY. We are talking to the T of his body shape. Can you believe it!? Ha! Good October trick. It sure got me!

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