Monday, December 10, 2012

Vote for the Villains!

In case you don't remember, Big D ran the NW Ragnar relay race this last July.  Their team of 12, dressed as villains.  Well, now it is time to vote for their video on Facebook.  Unfortunately they got a late start and are behind in the polls. But anything can happen right? Today is the last day of voting, so help spread the word if you can.

Here is the video:

Here is the link to vote on Facebook:

T Bear is the "little kid" known as Iron Man who defeats them all.  Other family members you might see are: KK (sister), Mr. P (brother-in-law), Btown (brother), Dr. C (my dad), Cub's legs, ME, and our car!

And if the short video was not enough to satisfy you, then watch the full length video here:

Great memories!  I still can not believe Big D ran in that Stay Puft costume.  Borderline idiotic, but I still gotta love him.


-Miss T


  1. Ok that was awesome! Camden was relieved to find out they were pretending and loved T-Bear at the end!

  2. Totally awesome!!! Wish I could vote for them but still not on Facebook.