Monday, December 3, 2012

FBis sooo dangerous

Dear Miss T,

I know you haven't really ever gotten huge into Facebook. Consider yourself lucky.

I haven't browsed or perused it much myself lately (life without Dauna was rough...because an iPad certainly can't browse facebook). Really, it has been quite peaceful without it.

But tonight facebook as ruined my night. I had big plans. To make all my little containers of Russian Tea holiday drink mix (remember the kind mom used to prepare for us to give our teachers as a thank you?), do the dishes, transfer files from Fauna to Dauna, and watch one of my library DVDs. Did any of that happen? NO.

Because I got stuck on facebook looking at other people's lives!! Wow it just sucked my night away. And I guess I also watched 3 episodes of Studio C, BYU's version of SNL I guess.  Pretty funny. I definitely got stuck laughing and laughing at a song and dance number that a girl whipped out when she got proposed to. Mercy! It was too...real...about all the musical shows I love. Haha!

Ok, hope your evening was more productive than mine. Does anyone else ever get sucked up in FB for a night? Yikes!

Love KK

1 comment:

  1. Not me. You make me glad I'm still not in that world!