Thursday, November 29, 2012


Dear Miss T,

At long last I have the privilege of introducing my new computer to you.

Dauna joined the family just yesterday after the slow, crippling aging process sucked the life out of Fauna, the laptop that traversed the college journey with me.

Dauna (named after my first computer of course, and in honor of Donna Larsen New-Last-Name-That-Starts-With-A-G-But-I-Forgot-It, the long adored BPA teacher and facilitator at Centennial High School, shout-out to anyone who knows her!) is a Mac Mini. A rounded square box, silver in color, with a wireless keyboard and track pad as accessories. We just hook her up to Paul's monitor-TV-thing and it's like I have an i-Mac just like you!!

What Dauna really means, is that I can blog more freely again! And with better pictures!! Doesn't mean anyone can get expectations of any kind, including myself, because after all could the cause of happiness really lie in having low expectations?

Hope you, the family, and your i-Mac are doing well. :)

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