Monday, November 5, 2012

Cub Turns Two

Dear Cub,

I can not believe you are two years old now. I am so thankful that in your two year old little mind, you will remember having a wonderful second birthday.  Even these pictures paint a pretty perfect birthday for you.  

But my inside my motherly heart, I have guilt.  I have guilt because your birthday did not happen the way I had planned it.  I am going to confess some of the "mess ups" so that we can both look back and laugh at them some day.

The biggest problem was that the present we ordered for you, did not arrive in time.  As the evening approached we realized we had an awesome train cake for you (compliments of paying someone to make it for us - thank you!) but no present.  Lame, right?  

Well, we decided to continue as if everything was fine.  We drove out to Bothell to take you on a little tractor train ride.  We showed up with out any cash and had to spend a difficult half an hour trying to get some cash to ride the train.  By the time we got cash and got back to the train, it was pouring rain and you didn't want ride anymore.  We made you get in the train anyway and you did enjoy the ride.

By the time we finished the ride, the evening was over and we decided to ditch the thoughtful homemade dinner, and went to Red Robin instead.  At Red Robin, we ordered you a corn dog and let you enjoy your free birthday ice cream sundae.  You thought it was wonderful.  

The next day your present arrived.  We extended your birthday celebration by finally doing your birthday cake and opening your present.  We loved seeing you get so excited over your train cake and present.

Cub - you are a wonderful boy and we love you no matter what.  Even if I am not a perfect mother, I will always love celebrating anything about you in your life. I can't wait to celebrate another year with you.



  1. Ok I'm all teary. You are a GREAT mother Miss T. Because you celebrate your boys' lives with them.


  2. WHAT DID HE GET?!?!? All of that and now I don't know what he got?!?!

    Oh, it doesn't matter. He is adorable and obviously just loves being a kid. Quite a happy kid. Well done Tenley.

  3. He got NeoTrax - basically battery operated cars that run on flexible tracks. He loves them.

  4. This made me teary too! It sounds like a wonderful two day celebration, my kind of birthday! What a lucky boy to have such a great momma!!!