Tuesday, April 23, 2013



This picture was taken at 7:43pm last night.  

Yesterday, T Bear surprised us and asked us to take his training wheels off.  His neighbor friend has just learned how to ride his bike without training wheels and had inspired T Bear to do the same.

Hesitantly I took them off and started him.  I remember our Dad running up and down the street with us while holding onto the back of our seat.  I was so nervous for Dad to let go of me, so I thought T Bear would be the same.  He was not.  He took off and rode effortlessly.

Later that night after a bath, we were getting ready for a quick family night.  Aunt Lorraine called and T Bear wanted to show her how he could ride his bike.  Out we went, in their pjs to show off his new skill.

An older gentleman walked with his dog and said, "So this is the new look for riding gear nowadays."  He was referring to their pjs.  :)

Then when another family strolled by and said hello, I called out "They did get dressed at one point today!"

But let's be honest, I think we have all had days were we did not get dressed for the day.  So who cares if what people were thinking about my boys riding bikes in their pjs last night.

I am so proud of my T Bear and his ability to keep surprising us with new skills and talents.

-Miss T


  1. This totally boggles my mind. Just a week ago, he showed now signs of being done with training wheels. I guess it shows you how easily something is accomplished when there is true desire. A whole new world has opened up for him!

  2. Yep I love it. I spent time out in the neighborhood in my jammies sometimes too. :) Not mad about it at all. I remember Dad behind my bike too. yep I was a little nervous. Good job Troy!