Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Hole in the Fence

Dear KK,

Well, it has been almost 3 weeks since we moved to the Portland area.  Our rental home is quite nice (minus the white carpet - who puts in white carpet? CRAZIES).  What I love about the house is that it is on a dead end street, close to the elementary school, and has a fenced in backyard.  

On the third day we were here, it was nice and sunny outside.  I decided to take the boys out for a walk to explore the neighborhood.  Anyone we passed got a huge "HI! shouted at them by either T Bear or Cub or both.  They were on a mission to find friends.  Our walk only led us to see some older neighbors with dogs, but as we returned to the house the boys said hello to a young boy and girl whose mother was trying to usher them into the car.  

Later that day I found T Bear in the backyard talking to the same young boy.  Soon they were throwing balls and other objects over the fence at each other.  

The next day, T Bear really wanted to play with his new friend.  We walked around to the front of their house and formally introduced ourselves.  The new friend came with us to our backyard to play.  By the end of the day, the nice mom had shown me a lose board in the fence.  I got a hammer out and we knocked off another plank and had a hole in the fence. 

This hole in the fence has been the best thing about our move.  Now our boys have friends readily available.  And I can sit inside while feeding Little Grizzly and watch the boys play happily outside with their friends.

For how much I miss Seattle, I am reminded in my heart that God is watching over us and we will fall in love with this new place too.  

-Miss T


  1. I'm jealous of the hole-in-the-fence. I wish I was your neighbor through the fence. Then, I wouldn't ever have to go anywhere.

  2. Your new home has lots of great things but this is absolutely the BEST feature it has! Love it.

  3. A great perspective AND a great opportunity.